Akashic Record Reading

What are the Akashic records?

An essential, infinite resource of knowledge and information on a soul level. Every soul has their own unique records. There are two parts to a soul level of consciousness. Number one being DNA of a soul. The DNA of a soul is a pattern of who you are and who you are becoming through your human experiences through time and space. Number two being a catalog of stories from all the different lifetimes you’ve lived. A spiritual approach to life can be incredibly helpful. Inspiring, insightful, compassionate wisdom is available through the Akashic records to apply to your life for the positive transformation you deserve. Cortney will access the “pathway prayer” in a safe and sacred spiritual realm based on three absolute governing principles all working together: judge not, resist not, and fear not. There is a greater understanding for the client in this session as the information evolves and all comes together. This takes place once making contact with your masters, teachers and loved ones. They are the ones guiding the way. Cortney is just the energetic interpreter. Healing is a natural result.

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Session Price $150