Love Notes

Words of kindness

The minute I met Cortney, I knew I had made the right decision to do a QHHT session.

She made me feel completely comfortable and within minutes, we were talking and it felt like I’d known her my whole life! Creating a comfortable and safe environment for me to do my first session was really valuable. I was a little apprehensive at first to be perfectly honest, but I knew the timing for this session was perfect. I had found so many of my life circumstances leading up to our meeting too “coincidental” not to stop and pay attention.

Since my QHHT session with Cortney, I feel almost like I’ve met myself for the first time. Not only did I receive answers to my questions during our session, but the answers continued to become clear in the weeks to follow.

I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to open my mind and my heart to this experience.

If you’ve ever even wondered about this or you’re struggling to make sense of things happening in your life at this time, I’d highly recommend working with her!

M. Ross, Fl


My QHHT session with Cortney was out of this world. Her intuition is something that just can’t be taught. She really was amazing I can’t recommend her enough. Your absolutely lucky to have a session with her.

The Akashic reading was amazing l. She saw so much. My connection to Egypt which I didn’t mention to her. Also interesting connection to metratron . She is so amazing I highly recommend you schedule a session with this amazing powerful being. Can’t wait until my next session.

-Sabah, Fl

My Akashic record reading by Cortney was enlightening! She has completed other energy modalities for me over the years, always at a time when I needed it most. Her insight and clarity speaks volumes to her gifts. I can't wait for my next reading. If you're hesitant, don't be... you can feel her light & love, guiding you along the way!

-Blair, NC

I joined Cortney Shallow for an Akashic reading and it was very enriching and insightful. Cortney was able to pinpoint some pain points in my life I had been struggling with and come through with positive energy and suggestions. I left the reading feeling refreshed and determined.

Megan C., N.C.

Cortney is a truly skilled, gifted and intuitive QHHT therapist with a bottomless amount of empathy and patience. She listened to the details of my life from my earliest memory and then 5 decades. I felt like she wrapped around me and was absorbing all my disappointments, struggles, grief and fears. I felt this gentle spirited highly connectedness as I spoke. She is so kind and nurturing. Then she takes all the stories and emotions and somehow intertwines it into the most perfect hypnosis session. I felt her melt into my past and it was comforting and peaceful. Her voice is angelic and her energy is peaceful and loving.

I felt great after the session, but didn’t expect to have long term results as I’ve been in this pattern of internal turmoil and going over and over every offense and wrong-doing in my mind, fear of future, reliving my past, regret day and night. I was struggling with an older brother whoterrorized me sadistically as a child, the loss of parents in college, marriage to a sociopath, mistreatment during my birth that led to permanently physical damage, a brutal divorce then the worst, a long relationship and short marriage to a narcissistic who eroded my confidence, hijacked my mind, verbally abused me and played mind games until I was trauma bonded.

I also was exploited financially which led to long term problems for me and my 3 children. I also had so much to be grateful too. My college education, my service to women who experienced obstetric abuse and three wonderful sons who I wanted to have a mother who could live without revisiting the trauma. I had a lot of therapy and a lot of therapists. Read books, even intended for professionals, articles and watched quality videos. Cortney was able to make more progress at a deeper and permanent level than all of the other attempts over 30 years in one session. She can bring each of us to our higher self. I don’t fully understand, but I felt it.

All I can say is it’s been the most peaceful time of my entire life. Not because things improved. Only because Cortney released so much negative energy, pattens and quite frankly, darkness. I can’t even trigger myself by trying to look at something or recall a memory that used to cause me distress, led me to ruminate over all the wrongs and my mistakes accepting these people in my life, or worse feeling as if I attracted the problems.

I had a situation that was always a trigger and I truly found humor in it. My best friend was laughing at my text and happy I didn’t fall into sadness or anxiety. Also I deleted wedding photos and didn’t feel numb, depressed, or anxious. Not feeling was disturbing before I had my session. I blocked the pain but also couldn’t feel joy.I feel so peaceful with my life now that I don’t relive it.

The finances for the first time I trust I will be okay, one way or another. I don’t agonize over what I should or shouldn’t be doing. I don’t worry that I’m making a mistake that I’ll regret later.

I’m finally enjoying my children and friends. My mind is clear to focus.

I enjoy my Zumba classes so much. Before my sessions, I’d drive home with a feeling of well being but then not feeling so well by the time I got home. I’d think about my narcissistic abuse, consequences and feel regret. I felt uplifted driving home and it stuck. Listen to the radio and thought about the present day look forward to it.

I’m not having nightmares about me breaking up with the narcissist for 17 months, doing well, then being sucked back with a ring and promises never kept, during the break up. I left a partner who was respectful and kind and made a mistake that people change and then was betrayed. This narcissistic abuser did not enter my dream states anymore. It was as if he never existed. Even when I passed his house.

I laugh with the kids. Feel silly again at times. I read and even watched a couple movies for the first time in years. I also left a costly Phd program when Cortney connected me with my ability to know what was best for my future. She helped me find my gifts and now I am productive serving others with a business instead of accruing educational debt. I was so indecisive and she helped me find my decision.

I can say no to people who are being difficult.

I feel happiness and gratefulness. I found clarity about the things I did that were so significant and impacted our lives negatively. I accept them and I know that they have a purpose.

More and more, truly healthy good people enter my life. Some were respectful people who have been around for a long time and I was not able to appreciate them because the abusers caused me to be addicted to adrenaline on the roller coaster, trying to change them. I feel the session freed me to absorb the positive messages from

Peaceful people.

My session as I went back in time, showed me I’m not cursed or jinxed. I felt AJ awakening to the very essence of me who values myself since I was created. I’ve read and heard all of this before. The session returned me to my core self which is stronger than all the abuse and disappointments.

One session with Cortney is equal to or exceeds a hundred therapy sessions.

I read the best books, joined wise support groups, blessed with supportive friends and traveler for therapy. All of which helped but it just didn’t stick. Improved my coping but wasn’t the cure. The “I can’t catch a break” type of life. Now I feel the present and it’s part of my inner being. I don’t have to try to focus on the present or try to meditate upon gratitude and joy. It just happens. Partly because life is kinder to me and sending me people light, not disrespectful and evil. Partly because I feel clarity from the past and really let it go.

Oh and I looked down at my nails last week. I was not trying...I noticed I had nail growth. That would be 51 years of practice biting my nails even if I had extensions, I’d find a way to pick at or bite them. That was one of my last questions that I write down for my session to ask my higher self.

Cortney’s gentleness and love is spectacular. She listened for 6 hours with compassion and no judgment. Afterward, she took me to a place of relaxation and hypnosis that lasted a long time but felt like a few minutes. In that time she changed my life.


Cortney Shallow helped me heal from deep trauma by walking me through my experiences of many planes of consciousnesses with total accuracy and compassionate insight. I am finding my laughter again. Thank you, Cortney!

-Helene, Fl

I was so honored to have the opportunity to have Cortney facilitate a QHHT session for me. I felt quite vulnerable sharing personal stories and experiencing hypnosis, but Cortney immediately put me at ease with her calming presence and warm heart. I walked away from my relaxing session with a new deep clarity about my life and am even still receiving revelations months later! QHHT is such an incredible way to find deeper meaning and answers to life’s mysteries, but with a sweet soul such as Cortney guiding the session, the already wonderful experience becomes extraordinary! Thank you again. Much love!


“I can't say enough about how exceptional my experiences are, working with Cortney! She goes deep immediately, connecting with the Akashic Masters and sharing beautiful, affirming messages for my soul expansion. The accuracy of and love behind every detail of my readings pulled me in like an embrace of wholeness. I felt my connection to her, and to the higher consciousness of spiritual unity. I recommend sessions with Cortney to further your evolution and personal empowerment. What a blessing to walk our path, with the beautiful soul guidance available, thanks to her gifts and openness."

- Shannon, NC

If you have ever wondered about Akashic records or getting a personal reading then please do yourself a favor and contact this very gifted healer and seer. She is a medical medium. Within minutes of meeting her on FaceTime my long time deviated septum cleared miraculously. She saw deeply into my space and spirit. I am really forever grateful for the opportunity.

- Mary, CA

I have done both QHHT and Akashic readings with Cortney, and absolutely plan to do more. The power in this deep exploration of self to learn, grow, heal (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and transcend old wounds can’t be over stated.

Specifically, I got tremendous relief and healing when I better understood this life as it’s affected by things that occurred in my past lives. What an amazing experience and gift!

In the Akashic reading, I asked about my nutrition and she provided me with 4 different vitamins, supplements and diet suggestions. I immediately made the changes and felt a huge improvement within a matter of a few weeks in mental clarity and increased energy. This is just one example of success I experienced with her guidance. Can’t rave about Cortney enough. You’re reading this review for a reason - begin your journey with Cortney today.

- Melody, Fl