QHHT/Spiritual Hypnosis

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique?

Developed by the beloved and late Dolores Cannon. She perfected her own unique method of Hypnosis for nearly 40 years. She conducted thousands of sessions and wrote 19 books.

QHHT allows the person to establish contact with their super conscious, higher self, the oversoul, or even the soul itself that has access to that all-knowing source energy of knowledge. When the mind is expanded in this state of being, one can explore consciousness that is always connected to the Source/God/ Universal Intelligence and has unlimited knowledge, and an unlimited ability to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and, or spiritual body. The main objective when working with a client is to get to the root of any emotional, physical, or spiritual trauma. Sometimes the trauma is rooted in a past life, and sometimes it is a thought pattern or belief system running in this life because it is connected to a lesson being learned in this present life. As the client goes into a deep state of relaxation their subconscious mind can explore another time and place where there is information to help connect that time and place to the present life. This allows the client to gain a greater understanding, see the bigger perspective,

and essentially connect them back to their soul self, also known as the higher self. The higher self can then be called upon and answer questions the client is seeking when coming to have a session. Through this whole process the client can then let go on a soul level and consciously break free from the condition causing the source of trauma. In many cases once the client reveals the source of the element or psychological problem, a release occurs in the subjects body and mind, and the client is freed from their condition. With QHHT, clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are and ultimately create change within themselves.

Who can benefit from a QHHT session?

Any and everyone really, but one has to want to have a session based on their own free will. Never forced. Therefore there is an alignment that is already in place. There have been some miraculous healing and clearing experiences with the following...





Feeling stuck in life

Locate root traumas

Reconnection to your authentic self Exploring your life purpose & mission

What is the quantum field?

We can all agree here that everything is energy both seen and unseen. The quantum field is a limitless expression where time does not exist, but the mind can travel and experience other dimensions within different “time and space” other than this physical existence.

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